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Talking Therapy


What is Talking Therapy?

Talking Therapy offers every victim and survivor who has presented at Oakwood Place Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC) the opportunity to receive up to 12 weeks of counselling support regardless of their age or gender.  This is provided by dedicated, qualified counsellors who specialise in this area.


Who provides Talking Therapy?

 Working in partnership with Oakwood Place, Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC) – the three Essex Rape Crisis centres offer a dedicated, specialist support service for all victims and survivors of sexual assault and sexual abuse who have presented at SARC. 


Why would a victim and survivor benefit from Talking Therapy?

It has been identified through the dedicated and specialist work of Rape Crisis centres that victims and survivors of any form of sexual assault and sexual abuse benefit from therapeutic support in order to aid their recovery and assist in their future wellbeing and safety.  The support also provides avenues to share thoughts, feelings and develop strategies for coping with behaviours in a positive way.


How Talking Therapy will work?

Oakwood Place, SARC will automatically make a referral with a victim and survivors consent to SYNERGY Essex. 

On receipt of the referral – contact to acknowledge receipt will be attempted to be made with a survivor within 48 working hours.

Following a wellbeing assessment conversation with the respective Rape Crisis centre - a series of up to 12 weeks of one to one Talking Therapy Support will be offered to each victim and survivor.


When is it best for you to access Talking Therapy?

Following presenting at Oakwood Place, SARC – victims and survivors may feel it is a good time to begin Talking Therapy as soon as possible.  Others may feel it is better for them to wait until they are ready.  Survivors can access Talking Therapy at any time up to 12 months after presenting at Oakwood Place, SARC.


Where does Talking Therapy take place?

Talking Therapy support is available at several locations across Essex including Oakwood Place SARC.


What happens when Talking Therapy has finished?

After the 12 weeks of Talking Therapy support your dedicated counsellor will discuss whether you would like to receive further support from your nearest Rape Crisis centre and an appropriate referral will be made on your behalf.  In addition, if you require any further specialist support from any other professional or agency – a referral can be made on your behalf and with your consent.


How much will it cost survivors to access Talking Therapy Support?

NHS England is funding the delivery of Talking Therapy across Essex which means that access to the dedicated counselling programme is free for victims and survivors.

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