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Survivors' Prose

Goodbye, old friend:

This will not stop me. I am not going to let anyone or anything stop me anymore. I have shown that even though darkness surrounds me, I can still see the light. I am going to be okay. I survived. It’s hard letting go of darkness when you have been in it for so long, and a sadness plants itself deep inside as I say goodbye. But it is a relief. I am not completely recovered, but I am strong and I will survive. And as I suck in the fresh air, I feel my chest rise and fall. The air which was once so thick feels lighter, the blood pumping in my veins proof I am alive. I can feel it. I feel the world surrounding me. I feel every little thing and my god it is beautiful.


By Alisha Thomson

CARA Graphic

Please be aware that the material in this section is about personal experiences of sexual violence and child sexual abuse and some people may find this triggering or upsetting.

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