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Web safety



If you are concerned that someone else may come into the room while you are visiting this site, and you do not want them to see what you are looking at, the quickest way to hide the site is usually just to close the window. It might be a good idea to remind yourself now of the keyboard command used to do this on your computer:


Windows: 'ALT' key and 'F4'

Apple Macintosh: 'Apple' key and 'W'


You could also open another browser window and leave it open at another website, placing it behind the window you are currently using (this site). This way, if you have to quickly close the main window, you will not be left looking at a blank screen.


At any time, clicking the EXIT button in the header of this site will take you away to Google.




To protect your safety and privacy you should clear Internet history after visiting our site.


While browsing the internet, information about all the sites that you visited is stored on your computer: websites you visited, every search string you entered in search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN), and information you entered on websites and more. By reading the below links, you can delete this information from your computer by following the steps described in the links below.


Please note: By other means, it may still be possible for someone to work out which sites you have visited. If safety is a priority we recommend that it is safest to access this site from a safe place; such as a library, Internet cafe or a friend's house.


The links below are for the most popular web browsers. Many other browser programs are available, and they should allow deleting this information in a similar way.




Microsoft Explorer

Please visit Microsoft's page on "How to clear the History entries in Internet Explorer".


Mozilla Firefox

Please visit Firefox's "Clear Recent History" page.


Apple Safari

Please visit the Safari Features page and follow the "Security & Privacy" link.


Google Chrome

Please visit the Google Chrome Help page: "Delete your browsing history".



Please visit the Guide to security and privacy in Opera, particularly the advice for shared computers.