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Statistics about sexual violence

National statistics


  • 1 in 5 women age 16-59 has experienced some form of sexual violence since the age of 16 (Ministry of Justice, 2013). 
  • 1 in 20 children experience child sexual abuse (NSPCC, 2011). 
  • Latest estimates (March 2020) from the Crime Survey England and Wales (CSEW) showed that fewer than one in six (16%) female victims and fewer than one in five (19%) male victims aged 16 to 59 years of sexual assault by rape or penetration since the age of 16 years reported it to the police.
  • In the year ending March 2020, there were 773,000 adults aged 16 to 74 years who were victims of sexual assault (including attempts), with almost four times as many female victims (618,000) as male victims (155,000) (CSEW).
  • In 2019, only 1% of reported rapes resulted in a conviction. (Child and Woman Abuse Studies Unit).

Essex statistics (2017/18)


Figures from the 2017/18  HMICFRS Rape Monitoring Group digests


  • There were a total of 1362 police recorded rapes (an increase of around 26% on 2016/17).
  • Of  these,  942 were adults (16+) and 420 were children.   96% of adult victims and 81% of child victims were female.
  • 178 were referred to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) (13% of reported rapes - a drop of 10% from 2016/17).
  • CPS made decisions to charge on 38 (21% of referrals).   This means that less than 3% (2.8%) of total reported rapes resulted in a charge.  This number is less than the figure for 206/17, when CPS made the decision to charge on 47 and significantly less than 2015/16, when CPS made the decision to charge on 122.  Since 2015/16, there has been a 68% drop in the number of cases resulting in a charge.  
  • Over the year only 64 rape cases went to court (112 in 2016/17, so a drop of 43%).  Of these, 39 resulted in a  conviction (61%).  The previous year, 40% of cases that went to court resulted in a conviction, so the conviction rate has risen by 21%.  However this is in the context of the significant drop in the number of cases reaching court.


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