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Healthy Sexual Relationships Project

CARA has been awarded funding from the Big Lottery Fund for a 2 year pilot project to promote and deliver a Healthy Sexual Relationships project in secondary schools and colleges across both mid and north Essex (Braintree, Colchester, Chelmsford, Maldon, Tendring and Uttlesford).


The aims of the project are to offer:

1. High quality, age appropriate lessons for students on a range of subjects including:

  • What is consent in sexual and romantic relationships?
  • Sex and the Law
  • Young people and sexually harmful behavior
  • What is pornography?
  • Sexism and gender stereotypes
  • Any other relevant issue identified by the school or college

2. ​​High quality CPD for both teachers and staff on how to recognize and respond to sexual violence, sexual harassment and sexually harmful behaviour, including technology assisted SHB.


3. High quality CPD for staff on the impact of trauma and how to manage trauma behaviour in school or college.


4. Support on developing policy around sexual violence and sexual harassment in schools or colleges (DfE 2017)*.

*In December 2017, the Department for Education published advice for governing bodies, headteachers, principles, SLTs and designated safeguarding leads on sexual violence and sexual harassment between children in schools and colleges. This document provides guidance to schools and colleges on what sexual violence and sexual harassment is, how to minimize risk and what to do if it is alleged to have occurred. This document also makes it clear that the onus is on the school or college to develop their own policy regarding sexual violence and sexual harassment, to provide training to staff and to offer a whole school preventative programme.


The project is being evaluated by an external evaluator.


As the project is funded by The Big Lottery, we are able to offer this service free of charge. However, we will be asking each school or college to contribute to the project in other ways. This is likely to include assisting with the evaluation process, photocopying materials etc.




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For further information about the Healthy Sexual Relationships project, please contact Ali Foxford