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Self-Care Tips


Siobhan talks us through visualisation


Dealing with day to day tasks can be challenging, stressful and sometimes all a little bit overwhelming. Adding the restrictions of COVID-19 onto this can mean these feelings are magnified.


Whatever your home situation, sometimes our feelings can feel a little too intense. The great news is it does not always have to be this way. We can start taking back control of our emotional health and a great starting point is using Visualization.


Visualization is the act of imagining yourself in a peaceful and safe environment - a place that makes you feel relaxed and happy. The good thing about this is that there are no limitations! You are in control of your safe place. By transferring yourself there mentally, you're able to calm your mind and body by distract yourself with something that's positive for our wellbeing.


Here are some helpful ways of achieving this:


  • Take yourself to a room or out in the open where you won’t be disturbed, put your phone on silent and when you feel ready to do so, close your eyes...
  • Begin to imagine yourself in a place where no one can harm you, where you can be you. Is this place big and open or is it small and secure? What do you notice around you?
  • Pay attention to how the safe place feels. If you are walking/laying or sitting how does the surface feel beneath you? Are you wearing shoes or are you barefoot? What is the texture of the ground and what is the temperature like of what is supporting you? Does it make you feel secure and cosy or perhaps it makes you feel cool and calm?
  • What is the weather doing? Is the sun high up in the sky? Can you feel the sun on your skin? Is there a breeze? Do you feel your hair/ clothes moving or is everything still?
  • What sounds can you hear, near and far?
  • Can you notice any smells that surround you?
  • And just allow yourself to just be present in this in place (even if it is just for a couple minutes a day), this place that you have created, this place where you are in control and this place where you feel safe.
  • Open your eyes when you are ready and you should feel less stressed, anxious and hopefully now feel a sense of calm.




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