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Self-Care Tips


Ann gives us some tips to help get through lockdown.


We are all living throug a very strange time. Here are some tips that may help during lockdown. 


1. Look after key relationships. Your partner, your children, parents and grandparents, siblings, closest friends. Really try to look out for them.


2 Stay active. The temptation to do nothing is strong. Try to resist it.


3 Exercise. It is vital to physical and mental wellbeing.


4 Watch your diet. For many people, boredom = eating, dislocation = eating, loneliness = eating. It is important to be aware of it. Try to eat healthily.


5 Keep an eye on the booze. Someone tweeted recently: “This is like Christmas without the fun!” I think we all know what they mean.


6 Sleep. An early night is a good night.


7 Read books. Don’t be a 24/7 news junkie. Books that have nothing to do with the current crisis; fiction or nonfiction, can be such a wonderful release.


8 Cut down on social media. Endlessly scrolling through Twitter and Instagram is not healthy.


9 Listen to music regularly.


10 Even better – make music.


11 Write down your thoughts. Keep a diary. Make lists.


12 Keep in touch with the people you would normally be in contact with; arrange a check-in with friends, perhaps a video call or simply a text to say hello. 



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