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Self-Care Tips


Ali explains how to give yourself a hand massage


This is a good idea, particularly for those who find touch difficult or triggering. It can also be introduced so a partner or friend can massage your hands and you could massage theirs.



•             Bowl of warm water with a favourite smell added (shower gel or bubble bath will do fine).

•             Hand towel

•             Dessert spoon of granulated sugar

•             Olive oil (not extra virgin- ordinary will be fine)

•             Hand cream, maybe to match the smell of the bubble bath


•             Soak hands in water for 5+ minutes

•             Protect your clothing with a towel

•             Pour the sugar into one hand and add a generous glug of oil

•             Massage the sugar and oil mix into your hands, or feet if you like, for about 5 minutes or so.  Don't rub too hard; just gentle circular movements are best

•             Rinse off in the water

•             Massage hands with your favourite hand cream



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