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Reclaim the Night Colchester


We will take to the streets to say NO to sexual violence, domestic abuse, street harassment, rape culture, victim blaming and all forms of male violence against women. We will march for a better world, free from violence and abuse. The march will give women a voice and a chance to reclaim the streets at night on a safe and empowering event.


The event is open to the whole community and the march will be full of colour, light & noise! The march will be led by a self-defining women only block, followed by a mixed block open to all genders. Bring your banners, lights, friends and make some noise!


Full Details:

Saturday 17th November

The march will meet at 5:45pm outside Firstsite, Lewis Gardens, CO1 1JH.

There will be banner-making: 10am-4pm, at Colchester High Street Market.