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PCC Conference 2017 Workshop on Sexual Violence


On 14th March, on behalf of Essex Rape Crisis Partnerhip, we delivered a workshop on sexual violence at the 2017 Essex Police and Crime Commissioner Conference.  We were very pleased to be given this opportunity to set the agenda for discussion around sexual violence and our workshop focused on the huge and shocking discrepancy between incidents of sexual violence and conviction rates (both nationally and in Essex).   Professionals from Essex Police, social services and a wide range of voluntary sector organisations attended the workshop, along with representatives of the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Essex.  Discussion was passionate and wide-ranging, with recurring themes around the need for wide-spread education about consent, the need to create a culture of belief across the criminal justice process and more widely in society and the need for reform of the legal system, so that it provides justice for victims and survivors of sexual violence.


A report of the workshop is to be prepared for the Police and Crime Commissioner, and we hope that it will be used to help define a focused strategy to address this issue.