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Highlights from the CARA Conference


Highlights from the CARA Conference from CARA Essex on Vimeo.


On 6th February 2018, CARA held the first ever specialist sexual violence conference in Essex. Entitled Sexual Violence and Child Sexual Abuse; Dispelling the Myths, the day was attended by 132 delegates from different organisations across Essex and beyond.


The conference was timed to coincide with Sexual Abuse and Sexual Violence Awareness Week 2018 and included presentations from experts in the area, including Zoe Lodrick, a sexualized trauma specialist, Dr Olivia Smith, Senior Lecturer in Criminology at Anglia Ruskin University and an expert in court responses to rape and two survivors of child sexual abuse, talking about their experiences.


The focus of the day was on challenging the myths and misconceptions that exist around sexual violence and child sexual abuse.


We received a hugely positive response from professionals who attended the day, including the following comments:

“Very moving and impressed by the level of expertise.”


“This conference made me realise that these subjects aren’t black and white. And prosecution isn’t as easy as we may think.”


“So good to hear from survivors and specialist services. Well-managed and focused.”


“Excellent informative conference. Excellent to hear the voice of survivors.”


“Found it very powerful listening to survivors’ stories.”


“Very informative and thought provoking. Talks from survivors – they are incredible.”


"Today has been one of the best conferences in my 26½ years of policing experience". 


You can watch highlight from the day in the short film above.