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CARA Service-user Forum


Are you a current or ex CARA service user? Would you like to influence CARA’s services and strategy, including how we develop as an organisation in the future?


We are setting up a CARA Service-user Forum, open to current and ex-service-users.

The first meeting will be on Wednesday 27th January, 7.30pm, to take place on Zoom.


Current and ex-service-users of all ages and all genders are very warmly invited to join the forum.   We particularly welcome service-users from Black and minoritised backgrounds.


The CARA Service-user Forum will be a safe and inclusive environment, where the input of all service-users is respected and valued.  Forum members will play a central role in determining how the forum operates and its future directions.


If you’d like to join the CARA Service-user Forum or would like more information, please e-mail