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Bee-ing free!


A survivor of sexual abuse herself, the beekeeper explains;

"I find it very satisfactory that all the hard work my honeybees put in to produce the honey is also supporting such a worthwhile cause.

Beekeeping is one of the valuable and rewarding activities that I have found which can act as a positive coping mechanism in times of distress.  The necessity to approach a colony with calm and attention ensures that I regularly become focused wholly in the here and now, which when in a safe environment can be a wonderful and much needed relief from the effects of trauma.

Only ever taking what honey is produced in excess to the bee’s own needs, I am careful to filter and put into donated, recycled and hygienic jars the 100% raw substance.  In it’s natural, unprocessed state honey is a highly-prized commodity boasting many health benefits and it is all created by female worker bees.

Bees operate solely as a unified colony.  A sisterhood of mutual dependency and strength, where each individual bee is drawn by the queen to fulfil her instinct and capacity to work for the good of her whole community.  Honeybees demonstrate a high degree of loyalty and action that for those who have experienced sexual violence can affirm the existence of trust and goodness in the greater world".

We are very grateful to the wonderful beekeeper for choosing to support CARA through sales of the delicious honey.