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Women's online social group

CARA women's online social group


The CARA women's online social group meets on the last Thursday of every month from 11a.m – 12.30p.m.  The group is a place:

  • that is non-judgemental and confidential.
  • where the focus is on self-care and nurturing.
  • where you do not have to explain yourself.
  • where you can meet with people who understand what you’re going through.
  • to make new friends.
  • to be yourself.

Sessions are led by the CARA staff Jen and Lucy.  There is a creative element to each session,  but you do not need any artistic or creative skills to take part. Activities have included origami, animal drawing, Christmas Wreath making and Mindfulness colouring. All resources required are provided via post prior to the group session.


The group is facilitated on-line using zoom, so you will need access to the internet and a device to enable you to take part.  You will need to find a safe, private space to take part in the group where you will not be overheard or disturbed by anyone else.


The group currently has a waiting list; however, we hope the wait to be able to invite you to join will not be too long.



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Referrals to the onine social group

Existing CARA clients can  self-refer to our women's online social group by contacting  our group facilitator Jen ( )  or you can ask any CARA staff member to make a referral on your behalf.

If you are interested in finding our more about the CARA women's online social group you can also call our Enquiry Line on 01206 769795