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Self-Care Tips


Louise gives us some tips on how to create a scrap book that can help to cheer us up on difficult days:


I am a great believer in writing down and letting go of bothersome thoughts. Taking that further, it is also of great benefit to write down positive and happy thoughts which you can keep.


A simple yet effective way of doing this is to create a scrapbook which can be a relief to read when you’re feeling frazzled.


Buy a large scrapbook, and fill it with anything that makes you happy.  This could include:

•             Photos, picture postcards of places you dream of going to, or pictures from magazines

•             Quotes and sayings that you find inspirational

•             Poetry that speaks to you, or poetry that you've written yourself

•             A short story you've written, inspired by day to day successes

•             You could draw your own pictures, cartoons or patterns

•             You could collect items from nature such as leaves and create a picture

•             List your favourite things to eat, music to listen to, places to go

•             Make a list of celebrities who inspire you

•             Create a page of all the words you can think of that are positive and write them in their own sentence


There is no limit to what goes in the book, but it is meant as a positive document and a boost when needed.  Put dates on the pages so you can reflect back in times of difficulty.



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